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about us

Market Makers provides critical information, analytics, and trading solutions. We help our customers make decisions that shape the financial world. With our software, analytics, and information, we accelerate individual investors to compete with the world's largest financial institutions.

As financial markets become more complicated, interdependent and unpredictable than ever before, the need for clarity has never been greater.

With our data and technology solutions, we assist our customers with unrivaled insights to broaden their perspectives, operate with confidence, and make informed decisions.

The Market Makers Advantage:

  1. Close proximity to exchanges is a distinct advantage. Through intelligent partnerships, Market Makers is connected to the Secure Financial Infrastructure network (SFTI) that offers a single, resilient connection for multi-market access.
  2. We provide the broadest coverage of cloud-based financial data. Data is available in real-time, delayed, historical, and reference formats through Market Makers. With our data, you can power your trades with global exchange pricing and equity fundamentals. With decades of combined experience, you can count on our accuracy and depth of knowledge.
  3. Get access to one of the largest independent short interest and securities finance data sets in the world. Use this data to understand bearish positions, conviction levels and what is driving price action. Using a range of nearly 65,000 global securities, discover which trades are crowded and why.
  4. Take your investment process to the next level by accessing over 750 fundamental items, including financial statement data, derived ratios, and both business and geographical segments. Leverage financial reports, financial information, financial statements and more that investors can incorporate to make crucial investment decisions.
  5. A set of market-standard technical indicators derived from historical or real-time data, market indicators, options parameters (such as Greeks, IV, and theoretical option prices), and underlying fundamentals.
  6. Our Currency Exchange Dataset provides a simple intuitive interface with near real-time exchange rates for over 140 international currencies.

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