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More than just extraordinary data, Market Makers provides you with the information you need - whenever you need it.

Artificial Intelligence Tools For Options Traders.

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Real Time Predictive Market Analytics

Trading has dramatically changed over the past 5 years. Are you keeping up? 

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Our analysts share their insights on the market in daily livestreams. Receive daily alerts from them delivered directly to your phone.

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Cutting edge analytics for FOREX traders.

  • Identify Trends Before Most Traders
  • Proprietary Predictive Algorithms Designed To Help You Win.
  • Real Time Livestream Analysts Sharing Their Insights.

How Can Market Makers Help You Win?

Top notch support

With support teams located across the globe, you can find someone to help you at any hour of the day.

Advanced AI technology

Data like you've never seen before. Advanced algorithms applied to very hard to find data give our customers an edge.

Real Time Data

We know better than most. When trading, every second matters.

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& Stock Market Analytics

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